The Casino at Marino

The Casino at Marino, situated in Dublin, the largest city and the capital of Ireland, was designed for James Caulfield by Scottish architect Sir William Chambers. The building is a small, but a perfect example, of Neo-Classical architecture, found in the gardens of Marino House. The name ‘Casino Marino’ in Italian means ‘The small house by the small sea’ Peces Abisales.

This building is regarded as the most important Neo-Classical building situated in Ireland. The size of the Casino is very small, measuring only about fifty square feet to the outer columns.

From outside, the building appears like a single roomed structure with a large paneled door on the elevated north and a single large window on the side of the other altitudes. But this is only an illusion. In reality, this structure has 16 rooms spread on three floors. Entrance is allowed through only two of the panels in the door and the panes of glass in the windows are delicately curved, which disguises the partitioning, giving the look of a single window to serve several separate rooms.

Throughout the construction many other tricks are used in order to preserve the apparent simplicity of the design. Four of the columns surrounding the building are hollow and are used to drain rainwater from the roof.

The interior has a basement level containing a kitchen and associated rooms. The main floor has reception rooms and the top storey has servant’s rooms and a State Bedroom. The interiors contain some very fine plasterwork on the ceilings and some elaborate hardwood parquet floors.

Alternative Car Title Loans Will Assist Failing Budgets

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No one wants to do business with a shady operation. Unfortunately in the short-term loan industry, there are many players waiting to take advantage of financially vulnerable people. Do some research on the business and good loan practices before signing any kind of document? It doesn’t hurt to have “3 call” minimum; meaning, look into three different companies and compare their practices. What do they look for in order to qualify an applicant? What are their collections practices? No one truly plans on not paying, but just as one emergency can destroy budget costs, think what a second consecutive one would do. How do you recoup from a double punch to your bank account?

Preventative measures are a great ways to prevent the need for short-term cash, but most people struggling paycheck to paycheck do not have the extra to place in a savings. If someone had room on credit cards, they will probably not be int he car title lot to begin with. Revolving credit options are much safer to utilize rather than a secured loan. It’s those hard workers who do not have available credit at their disposal end up using alternative financial means. Car title loans are available to those who need a no credit check loan. The simple and fast process will alleviate your financial stress quickly. Be aware of payoff expectations before you sign for the loan in order to prevent any future problem.

Devdas Bollywood Movie

Devdas was the highest budget Bollywood movie of its time (2002), and is considered one of Shahrukh Khan’s greatest performances. It won ten awards at the 2002 Filmfare Awards Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Prediction.

These facts lead me to believe that, much I do enjoy watching many Bollywood movies, there must some element I’m missing, because it struck me a visually beautiful but self-indulgent piece making far too much fuss over a weak, useless man.

Maybe it’s something to do with the culture valuing boys more than men. Maybe it does tend to spoil those same boys. I know that India is a rough place. Most men there are not spoiled wusses. But this movie still seems to wring sympathy for someone who spends far too much time doing nothing but feeling sorry for himself and destroying himself with alcohol.

And maybe because it’s another Bollywood attempt to destroy the Indian custom of arranged marriages. In this case, instead of celebrating love triumphing, we see the tragedy that results when it doesn’t.

I do agree the original love story between Devdas and the little neighboring girl Paro is touching. And I certainly agree with Paro’s mother that they should be married now that Devdas has returned from England as a law school graduate.

In refusing the marriage with Paro and humiliating her mother, Devdas’s mother certainly did a mean, vicious thing.

Why did Devdas write the letter to Paro denying his love, which permanently cut her off from him? That’s not clear to me, but apparently it was because of a desire to please his mother.

Paro’s mother does manage to get her revenge on Devdas’s family by marrying Paro to a man even wealthier than they are, but it’s an unhappy marriage. He’s older, has three grown children.

Meanwhile, a good friend of his has gotten Devdas to start drinking. How he got through law school in England without lifting a few pints with other students in a local pub is not explained.

Then this same friend takes Devdas to a local brothel, but it’s not a grimy, seedy cheap joint. It’s an elaborately beautiful pavilion by an artificial sea. The lighting makes it into a joyful carnival and there’s plenty of room for dancing and singing.

One of the women in the brothel falls in love with Devdas. Why? It’s love and therefore beyond explanation, apparently. They apparently never have sex. He’s obsessed with Paro, and drinking to excess to stop thinking of her. He doesn’t want any other woman. But the prostitute befriends him when he’s sick, and he moves in with her. Presumably he is supporting her, but that wasn’t clear to me — especially after he’s cut off by his family.

The alcohol is killing him faster than it normally does. He’s warned that any alcohol could kill him. But when his original pal gives him a glass of wine, he drinks it, knowing it will kill him.

Then there’s the melodramatic sequence where he goes to Paro’s house to see his true love one last time, but her husband won’t let her leave the mansion.

The depth of his love for Paro is clear, but to me it’d be much more admirable if he’d carry his torch while starting a career rather than living off a prostitute and drinking himself to death.