Change Your IP – What You Need to Know About Hiding Your IP Address

With the rise in internet identity theft, hacking into computer systems and credit cards theft, there has been a great concern over the internet security. The major security threat is the exposure of one’s real IP [also known as internet protocol] address over the cyberspace. Therefore, various methods of concealing ones privacy have been developed.

The various means of hiding one’s internet protocol is centred on the fact that they give false information about you to the site you are visiting. Since you can only gain access to a site by providing an IP (don’t worry, you don’t have to type in your address, the internet will automatically provide it to the website), the site will then be given another one totally different from yours.

The alternatives available to those who want to keep their real information to be seen online are as follows:

Proxy websites: These are websites that readily use their own internet protocol address to mask their users’ from being seen by websites requested through them. This service is very easy to use and free.

Proxy site comes with its own disadvantage in that it is slow to load because of the number of people access its server due to its free nature. It also has an inadequacy of not loading multimedia. Moreover, these sites are full of adverts best vpn for kodi.

IP hiding software/applications: This kind of software is designed to provide a different internet protocol address to the site visited. You can even change your location with the use of this application. The only disadvantage is that it comes with a trial phase which, after expiring, demands for subscription.

Of these two methods of hiding your IP, the software method is advisable for those who share vital information online and surf the web safely and anonymously.

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