How to Actify and Stimulate Passionate Blogging

Passionate blogging is the key to any successful blog. A person who gets hungry wil eat. He gets thirsty and rushes for a glass of cold water. Eating and drinking have their own limit. He cannot go on eating and drinking. Passion is all about doing something which justifies the meaning of living. It is like the oxygen in the air. Without it the passionate person dies. This is what passion is about.

Every blog that is started at this point in time will most probably die a premature death. This is because the blogger who started it in the absence of passion. He thought he was knowledgeable in a particular niche which he could write about. Finally, he runs out of ideas and drops out from blogging. Many others think that they can become rich by blogging. Some others find blogging as an online diary. No matter for what reasons a blogger comes to blogosphere, in the absence of passion he gives up blogging sooner or later. Be passionate about blogging.

Post Regularly

Content building is the key to a rewarding blog. If your blog is the only one in the blogosphere then you don’t have to worry about regular posting. But since 2004, millions of blogs have been created and added. Competition is taking place in every blog niche. So the only way for your blog to get noticed by readers is to post regularly. If a blog is not updated for months, readers might think that you have abandoned the site and they will not come back. They do not have the time to wait for information.They know that they can get updated information elsewhere. To make readers to return to your blog you must update your blog regularly.

What is meant by regular post? It varies from one blogger to another. If you’re doing a current affairs blog you need to post daily- at least a short one. If it is a personal blog, you need to post two posts in a week. If you’re posting about tips on how to reduce weight in 30 days as a series -readers expect a more frequent update about your pursuit.

I have suggested an opinion on blogging to prepare at least 300 pages before you launch your blog. These pages will be set to automatic posting. One great advantage of this tactic is to give the blogger the time space to prepare posts on a regular basis. Part time bloggers will find this useful especially.

A passionate blogger has to have a passion in writing. Do not worry if you do not have the juice for writing- use Blogoverdrive – Free Blog Posting

Aim At Humans

The end result of your blog post is to give value to readers. For example, in the Google reader if you have subscribed to a certain website you’ll get an update post whenever the actual site is updated. The first thing the reader notice in the reader is the title of the post. As a reader will you read further if the title of the post is not attractive? You may ask me what an attractive title post is Investeria.

Let us explore a post on the topic on trust or trustworthiness. Which of the following title is attractive? Give me your honest comments:

  • Trust Your Gut
  • Can You Make Someone To Trust You?
  • How To Get People To Trust You?
  • How To Make Someone To Trust You?
  • 7 Tips On How To Make Someone To Trust You

The key thing to note when you’re constructing a title is to make it as outstanding as possible and be specific. Do you find Origin of Mane¬†an outstanding title?

Search Engine Optimization

When you’re facing conflict what is the natural thing to do: do you make someone to trust you or you try your best to trust that someone? Human nature works in this way: you’re always perfect and others are imperfect. So when there is a conflict either at home or in office you’ll bound to search something like this:

  • How To Make That Someone To Trust You or Me?
  • How To Make The Guy Trust You or Me?
  • How To Make My Colleague To Trust You or Me?

Human beings are self centred. So they do things that will benefit them alone. With this in mind, try out a search in Google or yahoo when you write out the title to the post.

Google Insights give a pretty good opening and let you see what the world is searching for. You’ll notice the highest search for ‘how to trust someone’ comes from United States of America. Writing a post on ‘ How To Trust Someone In America?’ can be a unique searchable title post.

Stimulate Readers

A good example of this is my post on how to understand consciousness. When I explore into this subject of consciousness I begin to realise that by stimulating readers is a quicker way to get interested in my post. The idea is neither right nor wrong but it also can be the truth.

But by giving awe to readers will make you likable you as a person or as a blogger

Stimulating post is actually easy to write as it is not solely based on facts. The post is based on a blogger analysis of the subject. Facts are limited and repeated. It gets bored when the entire blogging world say something over and over again. But by giving awe to readers will make you likable you as a person or as a blogger. This is a sure of jump start for your blog as stimulated readers will recommend your site to others.


Introduction is like the first impression. Ensure that your every post carry an interesting introduction. You need to tell compelling stories that connect with people.

Asking questions and then offering a solution immediately is a bold way of starting your post. Read this post to find out what I mean. A post arose because of something happened on the other day shows your transparency and touch. Read this post to understand.

Original Post

You need to spend time to do original post. Copyblogger will not survive in the end. To date I have justified blogging by giving my utmost time and energy in creating original post. I always enjoy writing my original post. Though it is my part time work, I am into every post. Personal development is what I like to do. As I go into the deep cosmic world of blogging I begin to learn new things. As I introduce new post I develop my self ultimately. This is one way cultivating original post.

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