The Benefits of Maca Powder For Men and Women

If you are looking for an herbal supplement that can offer a wide variety of benefits in a single herb, you can’t go wrong with maca powder. It comes from a Peruvian herb called maca, which has long been revered by the natives for its many benefits. Reputed benefits of the herb include everything from fatigue-fighting to aphrodisiac properties and more.

One reason many people take maca powder is to restore energy levels. The herb contains a unique balance of protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, plant sterols, vitamins and minerals. These work together to keep the body at optimal condition.

Maca is also an adaptogen. Unlike medications, which force a response from the body, adaptogens work with the body to help it naturally reach equilibrium. It can balance hormones without the harsh effects of hormone replacement therapy. This makes it an asset for those with hormonal conditions such as menopause or low testosterone levels.

Maca powder is helpful in fighting stress. When our bodies experience stress, it sets off a cascade of physiological reactions. This may include increased blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol production. Insomnia may occur due to the decreased serotonin secretion. Maca helps the body ready itself for stress so the effects are diminished. It also helps to lower stress, reversing the damaging effects of it.

Maca can treat low libido in both men and women. By normalizing hormonal levels, it has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, helping it work more effectively. Research has shown that it can also improve seminal volume and vaginal lubrication. It may even be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. For couples trying to start a family, there are indications that maca can improve the chances of conception.

Maca powder can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in bakery goods to replace part of the flour. Care must be taken that the maca doesn’t make up more than 40% of the dried goods in the recipe, though, as it can affect the pliability of the dough.

Powder can also be added to water, teas or energy drinks. A popular option for using maca powder is in smoothies. Add a couple tablespoons of powder to a blender with a banana, low-fat yogurt, frozen berries and a dash of cinnamon for a delicious start to your day.

For those on the go a lot, maca capsules are another option. These are simply capsules filled with maca powder. You get all the benefits of maca in a portable method. This makes capsules ideal for travel Wholesale CBD Powder Capsules. You may also want to keep a bottle of capsules in your desk at the office for a pick me up when the day’s stresses are getting the better of you.

Whether you use maca powder or maca capsules, quality is a key factor in how effective it is. Look for products that are standardized as they provide a more consistent amount of maca’s active ingredients. Buying from reputable merchants can also help make it easier to find high quality maca products.

Poker Chip Sets Make Great Gifts

For a certified gambling man, none is more satisfying than playing poker. Poker involves using strategy in forming different combinations to help you win the coveted pot. Trends in playing poker games include a forced bet on the first round. The player on the left should match the previous bet or has the option to fold. The game gets more exciting when a player raises the bet instead of matching it. Its a game that allows you to think of strategies, and to be involved in the game. Poker is really a stimulating game to play.

To really enhance game play it will not be as much fun if you are not using poker chips. Sure, cash or coins can be used as wagers in the poker table but using chips brings an entirely different game experience. Many people who play at home prefer using chips instead of cash or coins since poker chips make them feel that they are in a real authentic game. It feels good to hear the satisfying thud of a poker chip after you throw it down the table. A game with real chips sets the mood for the player. It is like being in a game held in casino and professional tournaments. Much of the fun of playing a poker game at home relies on how the game is set up.

For this reason, tons of poker players buy a poker set that they can use while playing poker at home. This is a good way to set the mood for playing poker like pros. A poker set usually includes a set of 300 or 500 poker chips that come in five varying colors. Each colour corresponds to a certain value.

Some poker chips included in a set may be made of clay, composite or plastic material. Each poker chip material has its own advantages and disadvantages. They also vary in price; some are more expensive than the others, as with most items today you do get what you pay for, and if you want to have the heavy feel of the real thing then you do have to pay for it. Poker sets also contain one or two decks of cards to get you started. When you buy a poker chip set, you can also get a dealer button, which helps you to determine who the dealer is in each round in playing poker at home. Some poker sets come in a sleek aluminum case that protects the contents inside. In addition, the case that has a very attractive finish is more likely to grab the attention of the players, and make them feel that they are not just playing a silly game but a poker game for the pros.

A poker set can be bought in specialty stores or online. Majority of the pro poker game players order online since it is much convenient to do so. When buying for a poker chip set, you have to make sure that it is really what you want. To do this, you can order a sample set of poker chips from the manufacturer. This way, you can check the quality, colour, and details of the poker chips. Then, if you are satisfied you can proceed to buying the whole set. A poker set is one of the needed requirements in playing a satisfying poker game at home. As online poker becomes more and more accessible, it makes it even better to actually experience the real thing on a real table with friends and family, if we all go the way of internet gambling it will be a sad place to live.

Why Is Zygor Guides The Most Trending Thing Now?

Zygor Guides Review

I took the Zygor Leveling Guide for a test-run on my alt account with a level 33 Warlock and a level 40 Paladin. The first thing I noticed was that the quests are selected for your class. I didn’t have to weed out any that would be too hard for the warlock to solo. The other nice thing is that you can skip forward on the quests. The Zygor add-on has this option that lets it analyze your level and it gets rid of the quests that aren’t worth doing and shows you only the ones that’ll actually help you level up. It was easy to get my Warlock another 15 levels in only a day of following Zygor guides. The Paladin leveling guide was even easier for me and I never had to do anything but let the guide show me where to go next.


Zygor guides interface has two different options. One has a lot of designs and animations and the other is simple and straightforward. Both of them are really clean and they blend in well with the WoW interface and aren’t too distracting. I like the display option that doesn’t show all the animations and stuff, so I set it to that and everything still worked great. I kind of wish the simple interface was the default option, but switching is no big deal – 9.5/10 here.

Ease of Use

This is definitely 10/10. It was really easy to setup. Zygor guides detects where you have WoW installed and automatically unzips to the right folders and everything. You can launch WoW directly after it’s installed and everything runs right off. Once you have the guide up and running, it’s totally simple to follow and takes you step-by-step from one quest to the next.


Ok, lots of features here. There’s an interface that automatically detects your class for you, and puts all the info you need right there. No looking anything up in an ebook or on the web. There’s an awesome option that lets Zygor guides pick your talent points for you automatically. That means no looking through forums trying to find the right build. And if you decide to go with something else, you don’t have to let Zygor guides pick for you. There’s also a pretty cool directional arrow that’ll show you how to get to where you need to go for your quests if you don’t already know the way. Basically this gives you everything you need to level your character up in game without having to resort to online wikis, forums or other stuff that’ll take you out of the game. This is a 10/10 for me.

Best Feature

I like that Zygor guides saves you time and running back and forth by grouping quests together that take you to the same place, or places that are close together. This way I didn’t have to spend a lot of time traveling instead of leveling. Really shaves some time off of the leveling process if you’re trying to get your alts up to speed as fast as possible.


I only ran into one problem when I was using Zygor guides, and that’s the flight path recognition. Zygor guides doesn’t’ always know when you have a flight path or not, so sometimes it’ll suggest one that you already have. You can always skip anything that you’ve got already, but if it doesn’t recognize a lot of flight paths it can be a little annoying.


I think this is a good guide for a lot of different types of players. If you’re trying to level an alt to get into a guild, it’s great. If you’re brand new, you’ll get the most use out of it since it starts at level one. If you want to solo but not grind, it’s definitely a must have. Everything I did to level I did through quests in the Zygor guides. If you love WoW and love leveling new alts but you hate grinding, get Zygor guides. For the price, it’s totally awesome and definitely pays for itself in convenience.

Total score: 8/10.


Signs of a Bad Taxi Service

Everyone takes a taxi service as it is one of the easiest modes of transportation available today. Not all the taxi providers can offer you exceptional service as you think and you may end up with some unpleasant experiences. Thus, considering several factors before hiring a good taxi service is very essential.

For a smooth and non-stressful ride, look out for these signs before you decide to hire a one.

Poor maintenance of taxi

Taxis should always be in good working condition as taxi itself is required for providing the service to customers like you. Whether its your vehicle’s exterior or interior, every aspect of it must be in top form. Regular maintenance and inspection should also be updated to ensure vehicle is completely safe.

Lack of technology

No wonder that technology makes things smoother and faster. A good taxi service provider must have all the latest technologies. From GPS tracking to online bookings, taxi service provider must offer all these facilities to the customers. Make sure to check if the taxi provider has email confirmation system or not. If the provider does not have it, simply look for other transportation providers.

Unprofessional drivers

Safety is the most important aspect of drivers’ job as they are responsible for providing a safe ride to clients. A genuine taxi company should employ drivers that cater all the transportation needs. Drivers should possess proper driving skills, experience and dedication for providing quality service to the customers.

Lack of good affiliates

A reliable taxi company has several affiliates Goedkope Taxi Utrecht. In case, the service you are looking for is not available in their company, they recommend their affiliates. If a company is reluctant about providing you with recommendations, it is best to move on to the next one.

Inflexible payment options

There must be flexibility in the payment options. Without it, the taxi providers may lose many of its customers. If they don’t accept major credit cards and do not provide invoices after end of the trip, you should look somewhere else.

The Solutions to Keep Straight Hair From Frizz

Do you have an effective but natural solution for controlling frizzy hair? Frizzy hair is a real problem for one who has straight, coarse hair Instant Lizz. Are there any hair solutions with a natural, chemical-free to this bewildering problem?

Well, here I have several solutions for frizz that work for Asians. Healthy, natural hair without the use of any chemicals products or damaging heat hair styling, just the correct hair shampoo and conditioner choices and some natural or commonsense home treatments. Long and healthy straight hair.

Here is a multi-step solution:

(1) Pre wash oiling with coconut oil
(2) Kirkland Marine Algae Hair Shampoo from Costco (or Paul Mitchell Awapuhi is just as nice too, has hair safe gentle ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
(3) Diluted apple cider vinegar rinse (weekly better). It’s about 1/2 cup diluted in a 20oz soda bottle of water.
(4) Suave Professionals BioBasics hair conditioner (contains silicones)

Sometimes substitute the prewash oiling with a discontinued conditioner called Pure-A-Teas (contains no silicones). Gives great slip for detangling. Using 1/2 to one teaspoon of coconut oil to work into your straight hair the way you would do with a leave in conditioner. Except you’d wash it out with your regular hair shampoo and finish off with your regular hair conditioner. Be sure to shampoo the hair very well. Coconut oil can be bought from a health food store or even Walmart products.

In addition, suave Naturals has some great conditioners if your hair doesn’t like silicones. Suave Professionals conditioners work well too if you have medium to coarse hair.

Homemade Pet Treats

It is easy to make your own homemade pet treats. You can make boutique pet stores treat for your pet at only a fraction of the cost with your own food dehydrator.

Do remember that pets do not care for sweetening and salt like humans do. Therefore, there is no need to be tempted to season up their treats as you would like yours to be. Your pet will be delighted with the natural good tasting ingredients the food has in them.

With dehydrating, always use high quality and fresh ingredients to dehydrate your food for high quality and safe preserved foods. You should always introduce new foods gradually to your pet so as to avoid stomach upset. Therefore, when you try new recipe, start to give your pet just one treat to make sure they adapt to the ingredients well. And of course, you should check with your veterinarian if you have any questions on your pet’s dietary requirements before giving them those new treats CBD Dog Treats Amazon.

One of my favorite dog treat is “Sweet Potato Chicken Snack”. You will see how fast your dog wags its tail when it gets a taste of this nutritious snack.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Chicken Snack

Ingredients: 1lb (500g) lean ground chicken, 2 cups cubed sweet potato, ½ cup (125ml) water


  1. Cook chicken over medium heat until it starts to release liquid.
  2. Stir in sweet potato and water.
  3. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover and let it boil, stirring it occasionally until chicken is cooked and sweet potatoes are soft (estimate about 15 minutes).
  4. Remove cover and increase heat to medium-high and boil until excess liquid is evaporated. Transfer to a dish to let it cool completely.
  5. Puree chicken mixture until very smooth in food processor.
  6. Scoop 5ml of chicken mixture for small snacks. With moist fingers, press into a rounded rectangle about ¼” thick. Place on the mesh drying trays at about ½” apart.
  7. Dry at 155oF (68oC) for about 6 hours or until crisp and dry. Cool it completely on trays before storage.

The Advanced Texas Holdem Algorithms In Online Poker

It is no secret that there are various programs and subroutines that control the poker hands in online poker. Learning how to use these advanced Texas hold em algorithms to win can give any poker player an added advantage.

Many poker players have become the victim of too many suckouts in online poker without realizing where or how those poker bad beats are possible. Some will exclaim that online poker is rigged, while others will complain that there are just too many donkeys playing poker online. The truth is actually found in both of those arguments.

The Poker Algorithms and Too Many Suckouts in Online Poker

The actual result of many suckouts in online poker is from the poker algorithms used by the sites in an effort to catch poker cheaters, collusion and poker bots. While many players will play a fair game, there are always those that would attempt to take advantage of illicit technology to steal other peoples money. For example, poker cheats who collude or use software that will give them information and an unfair advantage that others are not aware of or do not have. The pokersites have found that by adding in certain algorithms in Texas Holdem online that they are able to prevent and in most cases easily catch those cheaters.

In may sound incredible to many players, however, the reality is that a pokersite is not able to monitor every player, every table or even every poker hand. Therefore, they use advanced Texas Holdem algorithms to do that job. For example, in the event that a player were to win every poker hand in a tournament, this obviously would be outside the statistical normalized odds and therefore it is obvious that the player is using a cheating technique.

The Texas Holdem algorithms at work to stop this would prevent that player from winning every hand, simply by deterministically dealing a bad beat, since his wins have exceeded the statistical norms. Ultimately, rather than allowing the user to win the tournament, the poker algorithm will deal out a losing hand that the player would believe is the winning hand (such as in the case of a bad beat).

This method of using a software program to police the online-poker sites may seem effective, however it actually is detrimental in that the program lacks the ability to truly know if a player is actually cheating or if that player is just playing extremely well.

Therefore, as a poker player online, it is imperative to learn how these Texas hold em algorithms work and how you can use them to your advantage and prevent too many suckouts or bad beats while playing on-line. Take the time to discover how to use the poker algorithms to your advantage, and you soon will have the ability to get deeper in tournaments and cash poker.

Online Casinos – Online Poker

Online poker is a very exciting and entertaining game. It is also one of the few casino games that puts the player at a distinct advantage. If the player is good enough, he/she is no longer at the mercy of the casinos, and their house advantages. But rather, the player is at the mercy of their own judgment, skills, and tactic. My friend Alex is virtually unbeatable when it comes to online poker. Winning thousands of dollars every month through online tournaments, he is a very good example of the potential of online poker. Are you sick of losing all of your money to games that are totally reliant on the element of luck? If you’d like to win more money more often, then I suggest giving the game of online poker a try. Here are three tips for winning more often with online poker judi slot:

1) Be Aware Of Your Opponents Betting Styles

Even though you can’t see your opponents facial expressions, you can still very much study your opponents betting styles. Do they seem to fold straight away after you increase your bets? Do they play in repetitive patterns? Become aware of your opponents betting styles, and you will become a very strong poker player.

2) Don’t Bet Too Much If You Aren’t Confident

Until you have mastered most of the basic skills required to win a few pots, don’t bet too much money.

3) Learn As Much As You Can About The Game

The only way to master anything is to learn as much as you possibly can about it. This often involves the study of online strategy guides, practice, and general observation of the game and its rules.

Follow these basic tips and you will be on your way to becoming a great online poker player. It took my friend Alex many months to master his online poker skills, but it seems to have been worth the effort. Winning thousands of dollars every month, he is the envy of many other poker players.

How to Study for a Comprehensive Final Exam

One of the great difficulties between high school and college is the prevalence of comprehensive final exams. In high school, most courses test primarily on the material that has been covered since the previous test. In college, suddenly students are expected to know material that has been covered since day 1. By the time that the final exam rolls around, this could mean material that was covered almost six months earlier. For students where learning new information often seems to force out old information to make room (just kidding), the comprehensive final often serves as a bit of a culture shock. Luckily, there are some tips that can be followed in order to best assure that students can make this adjustment and excel in their collegiate careers.

* Proper Note Taking: It sounds cliché, but there really is no substitute for good note taking in college. This means more than just taking a lot of notes. Anybody who knows shorthand can write down everything that the professor states, but that does not mean that they will have a good list of notes to work off of. In fact, this would lead to information overload and the student would never be able to filter out the important information that they need to focus on. A great way to ensure that notes are organized in a manner of importance is to take them in outline format. Outlines allow the student to organize their notes into grouped topics. The important matters of the class discussions are shifted farther to the left in the notes while the details are located more to the right.

* Regular Reviews: The worst thing that a student can do for a class with a comprehensive final examination is to wait until right before the final before reviewing the notes dealing with earlier topics. At some point, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ factors in and the student will never be able to recall all the important details throughout the semester based solely on their previous notes. However, this is easily countered by reviewing previous topics throughout the entire semester. This does not mean that the student needs to study everything every night. But rather, they should make sure that they have gone through all their notes on more of a weekly basis. They will likely find that even if they do not study every detail, the details will still stay fresh in their mind thanks to simply keeping the information in the short term memory queue test bank solutions.

* Do Not Panic: It sounds daunting, but at the end of the day, the comprehensive final is still just another test. It is likely going to be in a similar format to the tests taken earlier in the year – and if it differs greatly, the professor will almost always lay out those differences. In fact, many students often find comprehensive finals to be easier than sectional exams. This is because there is so much material to be tested on that the test givers may focus primarily on the most important and most easily recalled material. Meanwhile, typical exams may dig deeper into the details and harder to find items since there is less overall material to be tested on. It is also not uncommon for comprehensive finals to regurgitate test questions from previous exams that the student has already taken. At the end of the day, it is important for the student to keep to what works for him or her. Incorporate the items above into their previously successful studying habits and they will find the final exam to be no sweat.

Chemical Components of Cosmetics

People have been using cosmetics since the time period of the ancient civilizations. Women in ancient Egypt have used kohl as eye shadow. Cleopatra allegedly bathed in milk for a whiter and softer skin. Later during the medieval period, Greek women even used toxic lead carbonate to whiten their complexion just to be in the fad. Cosmetics have become an essential part of most people’s lives that manufacturers have made a source of living from it. It may be possible that all people, regardless of age, sex and culture must have used any form of cosmetics.

Cosmetics technically refer to substances or products intended to be applied on the external parts of the body including teeth and mouth. Cosmetics are used either to cleanse, to lace a nice smell, to protect and to alter the appearance. As for the chemistry of cosmetics, usual ingredients or materials used in making cosmetics are water, fragrance, emulsifier, color, preservative, pH stabilizers and thickener.

Emulsion is a concept on which most cosmetics are based. It could either be some oil droplets in water or several water droplets in oil. Water and oil never mix with each other, which is why emulsifiers are used in the process of cosmetics making. The emulsifiers prevent water from separating with oil and vice versa, thus a homogenous and evenly textured product is produced.

Preservatives are added to cosmetics so that microorganisms are prevented to grow. Bacterial or fungal growth may spoil the products and cause harm to the user. Commonly used cosmetics preservatives are tetrasodium EDTA, benzyl alcohol and parabens. Polymers are examples of thickeners added to cosmetics to achieve desired consistency. They are either natural (polysaccharides) or synthetic (polyethylene glycol). Polyssacharides are usually obtained from seaweeds in the form of carrageenans which came from red and brown algae labiaplasty annapolis, md.

The pH stabilizers affect the acidity of the cosmetics, color creates an appealing effect and fragrances make the cosmetics smell good. Moisturizers are cosmetic products used for treating dry and scaly skin. They prevent additional loss of water or moisture from the skin (occlusion) and add substances to the skin which make it able to retain moisture (humectants). Occlusive moisturizers contain alcohol and some mineral oil. Humectant moisturizers have glycerine, and fruit acids.

Surfactants added to soaps and shampoos account for the cleaning ability of the cosmetic products. Usual surfactant molecules used in cosmetics manufacturing are lipophilic (fat soluble) and hydrophilic (water soluble). Lipsticks are made with the concept of water solubility. It is made of water insoluble coloring, wax and non-volatile oil. Fake tans are cosmetic products which alter its color once it contacts the skin. Its active ingredient is a colorless dihydroxyacetone which changes colors as a chemical reaction with the amino acids on the top layer of the skin. The color produced is permanent; however the tan is also shed from the skin along with the constantly shedding skin cells.

The use of cosmetics must be done carefully because it may contain ingredients which may be harmful to the skin. Some people are allergic to makeup and other cosmetic products. The chemicals added to the cosmetics like fragrance and preservatives may cause allergic dermatitis. To determine is the skin is prone to allergies; a patch test should first be performed.